Physiotherapist Zetland

Redfern Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine is one of Zetland’s leading therapy and injury clinics, and our team of health professionals is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of all Sydney communities.


We are located just a stone’s throw from the quiet streets of the Zetland neighbourhood of Sydney, and we are just a few minutes away from you by car or bus. Just head North on Botany Road and you’ll be at our clinic in no time! We’re only 200 metres from Redfern Station.


Parking is easy and convenient, and we are only a few minutes drive anywhere around Bourke or Botany Road.

Bike Fit

Our team of elite health professionals offers the South Sydney Area’s leading physio health services, including:


  • Physiotherapy – We assess, treat, and manage all musculoskeletal conditions including injuries to the muscles, bones, and ligaments. Our team is trained in the latest exercise and recovery techniques, ensuring a fast recovery. We don’t stop there though. Our team empowers you to self-manage your chronic conditions and live a better, happier life.
  • Massage Therapy – Our skilled massage therapists use the latest techniques to manipulate and massage the soft tissues of your body. Our elite team can help relieve your spasms and muscle pains while also helping you put an end to headaches or those nagging mobility issues.
  • Bike Fit services – Redfern maximizes your fitness results from biking with our unique Bike Fit program. Our expert bike science team will show you how to optimise your riding power while keeping you aerodynamic and improving your stamina and recovery. Get incredible results fast with a Bike Fit session from our cycling experts.
  • Dietitians – Your long-term health is heavily dependent on your diet. Our dieticians are familiar with a range of conditions, meaning they know exactly how to transform you into the best version of yourself no matter your health objectives or conditions.


If you live in Zetland, Surry Hills or the local area Redfern Physiotherapy in just minutes away. Our expert staff is ready to help you become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself. Book your appointment online now!