Waterloo Physiotherapist.


Redfern Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of all Sydney communities.


We are located just a stone’s throw from the hip, up-and-coming industrial Waterloo neighbourhood of Sydney. Our clinic is just 200m from Redfern Station and is well connected to your area via public transport. Parking is ample and convenient, and we are only a few minutes drive anywhere around McEvoy, Bourke Street, or Elizabeth Street.

Our team of elite health professionals offers the Waterloo Area’s leading physio health services, including:


  • Physiotherapy – We assess, treat, and manage all musculoskeletal conditions including injuries to the muscles, bones, and ligaments. Our hands-on treatment and personalized exercise programs are designed to quickly improve your health and ensure your injuries do not reoccur.
  • Massage Therapy – Our skilled massage therapists use a mix of ancient and modern techniques to manipulate the soft tissues of your body to relieve spasms, muscle pains, headaches, and mobility issues.
  • Bike Fit Services – Want to take your biking ability to the next level? With Bike Fit, Redfern will maximize your riding power while keeping you aerodynamic and improving your stamina and recovery. Get incredible results fast with a Bike Fit session from our cycling experts.
  • Dietitians – The best training regimen is nothing without the right diet. Our dietitians are familiar with a range of conditions, so they’ll know exactly how to make you the best version of yourself no matter your objectives or health condition.


If you live in Waterloo, Redfern Physiotherapy in just minutes away. Our expert staff is ready to help you become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself. Book your appointment online now!