Pre-operative rehabilitation is the stage before you have surgery that allows you to be fully informed about the procedure and your post-operative recovery. It helps you to feel less stressed about the surgery and ensure a smooth recovery process. Pre-operative rehabilitation is an essential for anyone wanting to optimise their recovery following surgery.

The goal of pre-operative rehabilitation is to help you be as well-conditioned as possible prior to surgery to enhance your post-operative recovery, and to understand the therapy routine that will be in place after surgery. The need for rehabilitation after surgery is often well appreciated, however, the importance of exercising before surgery is often overlooked. Months of pain and inactivity leading up to surgery, causes your muscles to weaken.  Optimising muscular strength will help reduce the effects of muscular wasting following surgery, which will make standing, walking and getting out of bed or a chair much easier. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you take part in an individualised pre-operative rehabilitative program to increase muscle strength and reduce the chance that you will require extended inpatient rehabilitation prior to being discharged home after surgery. There is overwhelming evidence that demonstrates superior post-operative outcomes in those who choose to undertake a comprehensive pre-operative rehabilitation program.  Our physiotherapists have witnessed superior results with patients undergoing pre-operative physiotherapy compared to individuals with the same conditions who choose not undertake pre-operative physiotherapy. Our physiotherapists will perform a thorough pre-operative assessment to determine your physical capacity and devised an individualised rehabilitation program specifically tailored to your goals. Patients are assessed for:

  • Joint mobilty
  • Muscle strength
  • Functional mobility and gait pattern
  • Independence within the home and activities of daily living, including stair negotiation.

This is also an ideal chance for you to familiarise yourself with any walking aides you may need postoperatively, such as crutches or walking stick. We will also explain and demonstrate the correct post-operative exercises to give you a head start.



Following an orthopaedic procedure, a guided rehabilitation program is crucial to a successful outcome. Redfern Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine will work with you to help avoid any potential complications post-op and to guide you towards returning to your pre-injury function as quickly and safely as possible.

We will work with you closely to set specific goals of your rehabilitation program and these will vary depending on your needs – whether it is to return to high-level sports or complete your daily tasks of living.

Post-operative rehabilitation aims to regain your normal range of motion, strength, core stability, neuromuscular control, proprioception, cardiovascular conditioning and limb Symmetry. As informed by your treating surgeon, our physiotherapists will help manage and develop an individualised program to aid in your recovery. Redfern Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine has a strong relationship with several orthopaedic surgeons and follow their specific post-op protocols enabling a gold standard collaborative approach to your health care.