All of our experienced physiotherapists have worked at the highest level in a range on sports allowing us to be at the forefront of athletic screening. Through our detailed assessments we are able to identify risk factors for injury as well as key competencies which allow for elite athletic performance.

Our tailored screening protocols are designed to be specific to your individual sport. Based on our findings we will design a program to address any deficiencies in order to limit or avoid injuries and to help you excel and reach your full potential in your chosen field.

What is Athlete Screening?

At Redfern Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality, evidence based care for all our clients. Athletic screening programs are used extensively throughout the elite and sub-elite sporting levels. It is a great tool that gives our physiotherapists detailed information about the individual athlete. Athletic screening is designed to identify any risk factors that may contribute to injury. The screening tool uses assessment tests that have been scientifically proven to establish risk of injury. The information gained from the screening tests is collated to establish your personal injury risk.  We can then create a specific injury prevention program. While some athletes might not need a program at all as they are deemed a low injury risk, others might need an individualised specific program to help them reduce their risks or may need follow up physiotherapy.

Conditions that may be preventable

– Shin splints
– Achilles tendinopathies
– Calf strains
– Patella tendon tendinopathies
– Patello-femoral joint pain syndrome
– Hamstring strains
– Proximal and Distal Hamstring tendinopathies
– Rectus femoris (quadriceps) strains
– Psoas (hip-flexor) tendinopathies/strains
– Adductor tendinopathies/strains
Low back pain
– Limit atraumatic shoulder dislocations

Please note that those conditions listed above are dependent upon the athlete’s previous injuries and personal factors such as biomechanics, age, sport participation history and medical history guided by a thorough assessment.

Benefits of Athlete Screening

– Understanding of athlete’s specific risk factors
– List of potential injuries that might be sustained during a season of sport
– Obtaining an athlete specific program
– Communication of risks to coaching, fitness and medical staff for appropriate management during trainings and games
– Referrals to medical specialists or high performance coaches where needed

Benefits of a specific athlete program

– Increased muscle strength in specific muscle groups
– Increase muscle size
– Increase muscle power, endurance and work capacity
– Improve specific joint (hip) stability and control
– Improve landing awareness and quality of the movement
– Improve “core” stability
– Improve lower limb shock absorption
– Improve shoulder strength and stability