Growing up, sport was life. And possibly still is. I love it! So after rupturing my ACL and going through a sports depression of not being able to play the sports I loved, my passion grew more for helping others “Stay in the Game.” I’ve now been in the industry nearly 10years. What an adventure!

I’ve been so fortunate to work with some amazing athletes across the board. Pro level and the everyday person playing sport because they love the game. Sports include NRL, NBL, ice hockey, indoor cricket, water polo, netball, AFL and so much more.

Working at the different competitions has given me opportunities to work along side some amazing therapists from a wide range of modalities allowing me to learn so much more. But sport isn’t my only passion. After growing up with a dad suffering Rheumatoid Arthritis. Then later in life being diagnosed with Crohns, I wanted to help people understand they didn’t have to live in pain every day! Either through massage or movement. Both have been amazingly helpful to both myself and my dad.