Bike Fit

A professional bike fit at Redfern Physio will enable you to ride with the most efficient riding position to generate power whilst remaining aerodynamic and comfortable.
It will enable you to train for longer and more frequently whilst minimising the common cycling injuries associated with the knee, hip and lower back.

What does it Involve?

  • Full assessment of the rider including a comprehensive physical assessment and musculoskeletal screening to address any deficiencies
  • Assessment of the rider on the bike
  • Adjustment of your riding position taking into consideration any deficiencies observed in the screening
  • Individualised exercise program designed to improve your riding efficiency and minimise injury risk
  • A report detailing your assessment results

What do I bring?

  • Your bike
  • Cycling clothing (bib and jersey)
  • Cycling shoes
  • Any relevant medical reports
Bike Fit
Bike Fit
Bike Fit